Current Leadership


Jessica Chen‘20 is a prospective Psychology major. She is passionate about cognitive science, data analysis, artificial intelligence, languages & innovations. On campus, She is Chair of Kai Entrepreneurship Wesleyan. When she can get herself out of her head, Jess will go on therapeutic runs around Wesleyan, go to dance practices, or pick up a random book and start reading at a random corner on campus. 






Saki Ohashi grew up in Texas, New York, and Tokyo. Graduated The American School in Japan (ASIJ) for HS, and currently studying Economics at Wesleyan University. She hopes to help the Japanese community become more global and proactive in connecting with other cultures. Fun fact: I love capybaras.








Frederick Corpuz ‘20 is a prospective Math and Economics major. Originally from the Philippines, he is passionate about data analysis, machine learning, & tutoring. On campus, he is co-president of Wesleyan Consulting Group and board member of Kai Entrepreneurship Wesleyan.  When he can find the time, Frederick passively tries to get into the NBA, constantly copies Gordon Ramsay recipes, and magnificently fails at playing the ukulele.







Yinzheng Liu is a sports fan and lifelong player. He enjoys watching and playing soccer and basketball. A sophomore planning to study Government and Economics, Yinzheng wants to start his career in management consulting and eventually go to sports management. In his leisure time, Yinzheng likes video chatting with his British bulldog, Frank.


Are you an aspiring student entrepreneur who wants to learn through Kai? Are you leading a startup project, creating an entrepreneurial case study, or student group that meets Kai's principles and is related to entrepreneurship in some way? If yes, don't wait! Become a part of the team and continue working on your project in addition to being a community player through Kai. 

Core Perks 

1. Community of like-minded and motivated students.

2. Kai Core Member Only Meetings and Opportunities.


1. Attendance at weekly meetings and most Kai events.

2. Completing tasks on time and well.

3. Community leader and helper. 

Application for Spring, 2019 

For this upcoming spring, Kai will be accepting applications for the Internship Program. One of our core beliefs is that you will work hardest on what you are most passionate in. Thus, this application will be for anyone who is excited about an idea related to Kai’s mission that they want to pursue. Please fill in the short application below to let us know about your ideas or come to any of our current core members directly.  

Meetings will be set up with candidates to see if it's a fit. Email with any questions! 

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1. Openness. All our funded events and meetings have a substantial portion of the time open to the public. 2. Inclusion. Membership is inclusive, and active efforts are made to recruit women and minorities into our leadership and programs. 3. Community. Competition and collaboration among projects and groups are encouraged and celebrated.

Past Core Members

Cindy Photo.jpg

Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia is a persistently optimistic fourth year East Asian Studies major. He has five years of organizational leadership experience with a particular focus in diversity and entrepreneurship. Besides terribly singing his favorite Taiwanese pop songs, Alex also likes to take hip hop dance classes and perform. 






 Mika Reyes

Mika Reyes is a usually hyper, sometimes neurotic and always smiling hip-hop dancer, avid traveller, UX designer, product enthusiast and aspiring product manager from Wesleyan University. Her passions are in technology, business and design and she hopes to start her own tech business. She is a senior, hails from the Philippines, and hopes to give back to her country as much as it has given to her.






Cindy Horng

Cindy Horng is an inquisitive, enthusiastic, and wonderfully weird lifelong learner who loves spearheading new experiences, prototyping, and implementing meaningful solutions. A Wesleyan senior, she is fascinated by business model transformations, impact investment, and linguistics. Fun fact: Cindy has raised seven dogs, twenty-six hamsters, three chickens, and six turtles (without growing up on a farm)!



Zhi Ming Gan

Zhi Ming is a failed NBA prospect, turned aspiring entrepreneur, geek and Jedi apprentice. He is a junior, majoring in Economics and Physics, and is passionate in business, marketing, basketball and sneakers. He hopes to develop communities which foster trust, similar to that of an ideal communist state.



Alvin Chitena

Alvin is a Zimbabwean blogger, entrepreneur, coder and educator. In his spare time, he goes bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. For him, the sky is just but another barrier to be breached.



Vivian Liu

Vivian, currently in her junior year at Wes, loves bunnies a lot. She’s also very passionate about psychology, writing, and education, in addition to probably spending way too much time doodling in class. She hopes to one day work in a field that will help children — whether that means schools, tech-related education companies, or writing children’s books. Her dream is to eventually return to Taiwan — her favorite place in the world — to improve the education system there.


Joshua Su

Joshua Su is a passionate and cross-functional team player who finds joy in helping others and chasing new skills whether it be coding or neurovascular health. From the West Coast to Wesleyan University, he expands his horizons through traveling, reading, and learning. His top 5 strengths are Restoration, Belief, Learner, Arranger, & Discipline.


Pi Paticha

Pi is a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Economics from Bangkok, Thailand. Share economy, startup culture, and linguistics are some of the topics she is currently interested in. Pi is also an avid traveller and have been an active Japanese learner for eight years.



Marc Esposito

Marc Esposito is an often-conflicted yet miraculously decisive sophomore, hoping to major in Neuroscience and Science in Society. He enjoys adventuring outdoors, spontaneous travel, dreaming of the future, and is fascinated by all-things psychology, sustainability, and technology in our everyday lives. He is exploring various entrepreneurial pursuits and hopes to launch a tech startup.