Kai '18 in Sense Inc. with Alex Rosen

Jessica Chen‘20 is a prospective Psychology major. She is passionate about cognitive science, data analysis, artificial intelligence, languages & innovations. On campus, She is Chair of Kai Entrepreneurship Wesleyan. When she can get herself out of her head, Jess will go on therapeutic runs around Wesleyan, go to dance practices, or pick up a random book and start reading at a random corner on campus.

At Sense's office

At Sense's office

We visited Sense (https://www.sensehq.co), a SaaS startup co-founded by Wes alum Alex Rosen, which focuses on helping HR better manage the mass recruitment process and manages talents. 

Alex was a CSS major at Wesleyan. When we asked him how he entered the tech world, he said it was really this person he met at a radon coffee shop that kind of change his mind. 

“I was reading a book about tech, and this person who was talking in the coffee shop seem quite interesting. I just went up to him and said ‘hey, I am reading this book about tech and was kind of interested in knowing more about the tech world. Would you tell me more?’” Later, Alex co-founded his first company with this person. From then, started his adventure int he tech world.

When we asked him about how his liberal arts degree helped him made his way in the tech world, he talked about how he felt like a Computer Science degree is not a must, and being an engineer is not the only way to engage with the tech world. Having a liberal arts background allowed him to have different perspectives, and see things from different angles. 

We visited Sense in 2017. It was so fun to meet with Alex and see the company becoming better. We hope to visit Sense again next year.