Kai '18 in ZhenFund with Jocelyn Zhao and Wei Jiang

Written by Yu Qin (Hayley), class of 2021 and a potential Computer Science and College of Letter major and Art History minor. She is very interested in cultural exchange and how modern technology has changed the ways people communicate. On campus she works as a Theater Technician and she is also learning music engineering at Wesleyan Red Feather.

On Day 4 we visited ZhenFund, an angel investment fund based in Beijing and managed by Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital China. The fund focuses on seed stage investments in mobile internet, gaming, education, e-commerce, enterprise SaaS, and healthcare businesses targeting the Chinese market. ZhenFund's mission is to help young people with global vision and integrity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. On March 24th, 2018 people from Facebook, Google, and Amazon and other companies met at ZhenFund and shared their thoughts about different startups in China and the U.S.


Jocelyn (Xinlin) is a very pretty and smart girl who works at ZhenFund as an investment intern. She graduated from University of Southern California in 2017 and double majored in International Relations and Economics.  Passionate about music and entrepreneurship, Jocelyn has founded TilDawn Music Group at school with friends and turned it to a distinguished entertainment brand that cultivates communities through live events and digital content. Jocelyn said it is very important for us to start building up our goals during college because it is when we have the most energy and bravery to face failures and the best time to find people with the same interests. According to Jocelyn, nowadays it is particularly difficult for Chinese companies and startups to find a proper model to adjust to the complex American market.


Wei Jiang is a venture partner at ZhenFund and also a former CMO in Google China. He shared that for a VP, it’s much more important to judge people than to judge projects because most projects are subjected to significant changes, which is very common and acceptable. It is also important to know the right moment to interfere with startups. With more than 600 startups in ZhenFund, it is very important for a VP to be sensitive about uncommon drops of profit in start-ups. He finally shares a valuable design of a startup that he involved in: an environmentally-friendly water circulation system which uses the constant 55° underground water temperature to cool water in the summer and to heat water in the winter. This system is installed in buildings to keep the temperature in the room comfortable for human without using gas or oil to waste energy.