Student Forum: Week 3 - Teams & Problems

This week, we came together as teams and formulated our initial design challenges. 

To do this, we used several techniques and incorporated ideas of Wicked Problems and How Might We’s. Firstly, for our creative exercise, we created Monsters as a team and made background stories for each.

For homework before the class, we assigned each person to a place so they could observe their surroundings and identify problems within that space. Teams came together for a Data Dump to share their observations. They then placed their observations on Post-its and categorized them according to the Rose/Buds/Thorns technique. 

We learned more about How Might We (HMW) questions and each team was given a chance to formulate their own. We used the Mix-and-Match Challenge activity to create the foundations of our HMWs and also remembered to incorporate ideas from the Rose/Buds/Thorns activity. 

These HMWs were then iterated on to create their final design challenges, which they will be working on for the next 4 weeks. 

We also discussed team-building case scenarios and ideas through a TED talk by Ted Johnson. As for our teams, here are our finalized groupings for the next 4 weeks:

Chris, Tess & Henry

Taisa, Mansoor & April

Josh, Goncalo & Alicia

Thientanh, Andrew & Ulysses

For their homework, they’re tasked to come up with names and insignias per team (so they can bond as well!) and finalize their HMW so they can start on the next phase: Empathy!