Are you an aspiring student entrepreneur who wants to learn through Kai? Are you leading a startup project, creating an entrepreneurial case study, or student group that meets Kai's principles and is related to entrepreneurship in some way? If yes, don't wait! Become a part of the team and continue working on your project in addition to being a community player through Kai. 

Core Perks 

1. Community of like-minded and motivated students.

2. Kai Core Member Only Meetings and Opportunities.


1. Attendance at weekly meetings and most Kai events.

2. Completing tasks on time and well.

3. Community leader and helper. 

Year-round Application 

For this upcoming year, Kai will be accepting applications year-round. Although we want to promote our principles of being as open and inclusive as possible, we are strictly project-based and operate with very few but responsible core members. Our core members are currently all occupied with existing programs but are also looking for new opportunities to get the community involved.. This is where we need your help! One of our core beliefs is that you will work hardest on what you are most passionate in. Thus, this year-round application will be for anyone who is excited about an idea related to Kai’s mission that they want to pursue. We currently do not have enough projects at hand to recruit new members to join, but if you have a project idea in mind and are willing to dedicate as much time as we do for our programs, then you are already halfway there! Please fill in the short application below to let us know about your ideas or come to any of our current core members directly.  

Meetings will be set up with candidates to see if it's a fit. Email with any questions! 

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Are you leading any projects or initiatives on campus currently? If so what is it called?
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Kai Principles *
1. Openness. All our funded events and meetings have a substantial portion of the time open to the public. 2. Inclusion. Membership is inclusive, and active efforts are made to recruit women and minorities into our leadership and programs. 3. Community. Competition and collaboration among projects and groups are encouraged and celebrated.